3 Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

People are busy. Are you raising a family?  Running a business? Going to school? Whatever the cause of “busy” is in your life there is a perception that it is easier to put unhealthy food in your body while you are on the go versus healthy. With some research and shift in your thinking putting healthy into your body, can be so much easier than sitting in that drive-thru.

How many times in our life have we heard “eat your fruits and vegetables”? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, everyone is different and while most people need to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diets this chart can help get you on track for your bodies needs.

Here are 3 options for helping to make sure you are reaching the “eat more fruit and vegetable” goal:

  1. When you get home from the grocery store make sure to prep the fruits and vegetables for consumption. Take grapes off of the stems and place in an easily accessible bowl. Chop up broccoli into bite-size pieces and place in the front part of the fridge. When you need a quick snack or the kids complain of being hungry the easy access of grabbing a prepared bowl of grapes (or broccoli) will mean it will more likely be consumed.
  1. Try juice. Not a juice cleanse. Just juice. Juice can be pricey, but there is a variety of options. Companies such as Organic Avenue, Juice Press, and Neighborhood Press are the most expensive when it comes to receiving fresh cold pressed juice, but the convenience of having it delivered to your door might be worth it. Local supermarkets such as Trader Joe’s now offer cold pressed juice in the refrigerated section. It is completely worth the $4.99 price tag simply because all of the work is done for you. A great grab and go option. You could dust off that juicer or blender and make your own juice. There are tons of recipes online, like this one from Health.com. Drinking your fruit and vegetables can be convenient, easy, and delicious.
  1. Try your fruits and vegetables in capsule form. We can all try to get more fruits and vegetables into our diets, but the bottom line is that it is hard. Whether it is that cupcake begging you to take a bite or the unfinished french fries at the bottom of a happy meal,  sometimes we mindlessly fill our bodies with junk. Trying a product like Juice Plus+ can help to fill your body with quality fruits and vegetables in a capsule. Juice Plus+ is made with quality fruits and vegetables and packed with vitamins and nutrients. What could be easier than getting the nutrition your body is craving just by taking a convenient capsule?

Living in a drive-thru society makes getting the recommended fruits and vegetables in our bodies a challenge. Taking time to prepare for easy snacking, drinking our fruits and vegetables, and even taking our fruits and vegetables in a farm to capsule form can ensure a healthier (and possibly happier) life.

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