A Daily Gratitude List Makes Thanksgiving A Daily Event

I once read an article in which Oprah Winfrey related something she learned from Lady Gaga. Gaga told Winfrey that her life really began to change when she started the daily habit of writing down five things she was grateful for. I remember being impressed that she always was grateful for her mom and put her mother on her list every single day.

That really made an impression upon me. Gratitude is one of the most overlooked emotions. We spend so much time bemoaning what we don’t have. Longing for some new possession or relationship or job, promotion or career change, whatever instead of focusing on the literally thousands of gifts we already have.

I’m sure many of you have heard that “what you focus on expands.” That is one of the most important phrases I’ve ever come across. We focus on what we don’t have, so we get more longing and wishing and lack of the very thing we keep telling ourselves we don’t have. Focusing on what you don’t have makes you feel bad and that creates stress. If you focus on what you are grateful for, that feeling will attract more good things into your life. Gratitude is truly one of life’s greatest stress relievers.

This Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start your own daily gratitude list. Buy yourself a gorgeous notebook to fill with all the people and things you are truly grateful for. Begin with the things you see when you first open your eyes in the morning. For instance, the roof over your head is one we often overlook. Then, how about being thankful for the air you breathe in day in and day out? That is one of the greatest gifts of all! Can you imagine not being able to breathe? If you couldn’t breathe you wouldn’t even be here. The breath that sustains our life is free!

Do you have a cozy and comfortable bed? Do you have a partner or a pet?  You could make a list of five things every day without repeating a single thing for weeks.  Try it. And enjoy thanksgiving every single day of the year.

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