Creating Chains of Love

A favorite childhood activity of mine on Valentine’s Day was making chains of hearts out of colorful red and pink construction paper. Back then, they were actually called ‘garlands’, but I prefer to use the word ‘chain’ because we linked each heart together. We also wrote lovely thoughts on the strips of paper.

I love this idea and I do hope children are still making these chains of love in schools today. What strikes me most about the activity now that I am an adult, is that it is a graphic representation of the interrelationship of life and how love binds us all together as one.

Love Forgotten

As children we don’t necessarily get that connection and as adults we often lose sight of it.  We find ourselves bogged down by the necessities of daily life. We get stressed out, and our best intentions and goals get nudged out of our conscious awareness. Before you know it, we’ve forgotten we even had goals. We forget about love and become consumed instead with worry.

These are the kinds of thoughts that left to their own devices break the best of us. We need daily, weekly and monthly activities and practices that keep love at the forefront of our minds. Many people attend church for that reason. The long and short of it is this: Stress, worry and self-doubt break the chains of love.

In Celebration of Love

So, this month, in celebration of love, whether you do it on Valentine’s Day or not, treat yourself and your family to a box of fine chocolates, a stack of red and pink construction paper, some scissors and glue and make chains of love together. Write loving thoughts about each member of the family. If you don’t have a family, invite some friends over. You’ll find your stressful thoughts and feelings dissolve and feel love fill your heart.

A Living Chain of Love

I once heard Wayne Dwyer speak at a conference. He talked about a tribe in Africa and how, when a member of the tribe was not well mentally or emotionally, the entire tribe would gather into a circle. The “sick” person would stand in the middle and one-by-one, the tribe would say something positive and loving about the person. They would go round and round until the person in the middle was completely cured. To me, this is like a living chain of love.

Maybe your friends and families will enjoy making chains of love so much it could become a monthly event. Each loving thought you write is like a prayer. It is a form of self-hypnosis, a positive affirmation that goes out into the universe and certainly right to the heart of the one you’ve written about.  Become the strongest link in your chain of love and help others bring more love into their lives.

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