Hypnosis for Your Golf Swing

With summer right around the corner the golf courses are going to fill up with people trying to perfect their swing and get in their all-time low score. Golf. It is a sport that requires practice, practice and more practice. If you have seen the Nike ad Ripple, it represents a beautiful scene of how in the game of golf practice can help you one day emulate your hero.

What if there was something else that could help with your golf game? What if not only practice, but hypnosis could help you get to that score that you never thought possible? It can happen. In the article Breaking Your Bad Habit-overnight by Lynn Harris, she says about hypnosis “Brain imaging studies have illustrated just how this sidestepping may work. Generally, if you see the word red written in green ink and someone asks you what color you see, it takes your brain an extra moment to sort out that the word is red, but the ink is green. But when people are hypnotized and told that they’ll have no trouble naming the colors they’ll see, their brains sort it out with zero hesitation, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City found. Brain images showed that during the experiment, the part of the brain that would normally kick in to resolve conflict wasn’t active at all — hypnosis actually changed the way the subjects’ brains functioned.” Hypnosis allows you to be more open to suggestion. This is how it can improve your golf game.

Golf is a mental game. Performance does not only depend on practice, but also the state of mind of the golfer. In the Scottish online magazine Bunkered, reporter Bryce Ritchie takes a deeper look at hypnosis in the article Can hypnosis make you a better golfer?, his conclusion after a session of hypnosis to improve his golf game is this “To say I felt an instant surge of positive energy would be a lie. To be honest, I don’t know if I did or not. What I do know is that I hit my best drive of the year and went on to post a decent score. A week later, doing the same things, I clipped another seven shots off my round.” This is proof that after only one session of hypnosis, his golf game improved.

We live in a busy world. It is so hard for us to take the time to mentally focus and prepare for this ever evolving world without feeling stress and tension about the day ahead. Golf is a sport that requires extreme concentration, patients, and practice. If doing hypnosis is going to help you be better at a sport that you love in this constantly changing world, why wouldn’t you take the chance and give it a try?

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