Making Sense of Emotions

Have you seen the newest Pixar film Inside Out? It is amazing. Brilliant. If you have yet to see it, finish this blog post and go. Now. The film details different emotions. Fear, anger, joy, disgust, and sadness. I won’t give anything away, but the way the film sets up and digs deep into each character I mean emotion is insightful. The movie made me think about how hypnosis can help bring out emotions and actually deal with and understand why they are affecting our lives the way that they do.

Fear can be stirred up in many different ways. Spiders, heights, driving, you can have a fear or phobia of just about anything. Hypnosis can work to detach the trigger from the emotion and then update the brain to have a more realistic response. In other words, practicing hypnotherapy can detach a the feelings you get when riding in a plane from the fear that you feel. The brain will then set up a new trigger to have a sense of calm and peace when loading a plane for your next flight.

Anger is often an emotion that is regressed. Continually pushing the feeling of anger for fear of conflict or because it shows a sign of strength to appear “stoic” and composed can be dangerous. Ignoring the emotion can lead to high levels of stress and can sometimes affect other parts of the immune system making a person physically sick. Hypnosis can help to empty the emotion and get straight to the inner mind. A series of worthwhile hypnosis sessions can bring about a sense of relief and rejuvenation.

The funny thing about the emotion of joy is that it really takes all of the other emotions to work before joy can really take place. By re-educating your unconscious mind, you can unlock the joy and happiness that you deserve. Joy can be uncovered simply by the resources that you have inside of yourself.

Just like fear or anger the disgust emotion is a part of you. Sometimes that “part” or emotion does not operate within normal parameters. Hypnosis can help to work with all of the parts and gain control over what is spinning out uncontrollably.

Finally, there is sadness which is one of the “main” characters in the film. Sadness is a natural part of life. Hypnosis can help with sadness when it is become particularly difficult for letting something that is sad go in your life. While we learn in the film that sadness is a part of the emotion team (and a very important part) we should also not be afraid to learn ways in which we can also separate or use hypnosis to let go of the sadness inside of you.

All of the emotions are interwoven and necessary. The Disney film portrays the complexity of the brain and how each emotion has a place speaking to both adults and children. Sometimes one of the emotions can overtake our well-being. Hypnosis can help to not only separate the emotion but dissect and understand how to create a way to manage the emotion in a healthy and not invasive way.

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