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Positive Affirmations CDs — 8 Pack Bundle

Most of us know that harnessing the power of using Positive Affirmations plays a huge part in succeeding at whatever goals we undertake in our life. Whether it is learning to eat healthier, reduce chronic pain, or improve our levels of self-confidence, when you constantly reaffirm positive behavior changes in your sub-conscious mind through using Positive Affirmations, you’re setting in motion a powerful force – your own sub-conscious mind. Research has proven that just listening to a Positive Affirmations CD (that you can play in your car or record on your MP3 player) repeatedly for 10 minutes a day, can change negative programming that you have had for years. How easy is that?

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Or Purchase Any Of These Positive Affirmation CDs Separately!

Achieve Success CD®

Learn to talk yourself into success by telling yourself that you are capable of great accomplishments and are experiencing abundant prosperity now in your life. This CD is a powerful tool for those wishing to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem levels.


Healthy Living CD®

You will learn to adopt a more healthy way of life through listening to the powerful affirmations on this CD. Simply hearing positive statements such as, “My body is becoming healthier. I love and respect my body and eat foods that are healthy for me. I expect good things from life,” etc. will set you on a path to living a rich, vibrant life.


Improve Memory CD®

The statements you will hear on this CD allow your mind and body to relax. And the more you relax your body, the clearer your mind becomes and your memory will also improve. By telling yourself such things as, “My mind is clear and alert. I make wise decisions. I am able to concentrate perfectly,” you will be able to significantly improve your memory retention. And who doesn’t want to be able to remember things much more clearly?


Improve Sleep CD®

Unfortunately, most of us bring our problems to bed with us and this disturbs our sleep. However, when your thoughts are calm and peaceful, you will sleep peacefully and have a good night’s rest. By hearing positive affirmations such as, “I can go to sleep easily and quickly without even trying. I will always be calm and peaceful when I am sleeping. I expect to sleep comfortably every time I go to bed to sleep,” you”ll experience a full night’s rest every evening.


Reduce Pain CD®

Research has proven that it is impossible to be happy and sad at the same time, and it is also impossible to be relaxed and feel pain at the same time. Through hearing reassuring affirmations like, “My body is feeling more pleasant. I keep feeling more comfortable. Every moment I experience more comfort. My body is healing quickly and perfectly,” your pain levels will lessen which will allow you to depend less and less upon medication to get through your daily life.


Child’s Health/Confidence CD®

This CD is designed for children under the age of eleven. Your child will hear positive suggestions such as, “You are peaceful and serene. You are a loving person and love yourself unconditionally. Your body was created to be healthy and you eat foods that are good for the health of your body.” What a wonderful way to give your child the gift of knowing that they are exactly the perfect being they were meant to be. By forming a positive, loving relationship within themselves at this impressionable age, your children will grow to become well-adjusted, healthy teens.


Self-Confidence CD®

I developed this CD for adults and children over the age of 12 as this period of their lives is one of mixed emotions and is often filled with anxiety from peer pressure and the overwhelming need to ‘join the crowd’ mentality. You as well as your children will find yourselves gaining more self-confidence day by day by repeating such affirmations as, “I am relaxed and confident. My self-acceptance is growing stronger. I am optimistic and confident. I am full of self-esteem. Living is wonderful.” This CD will help you and your child develop a well-adjusted mind frame that is necessary to avoid some of the pitfalls of their teenaged years.


Eliminate Headaches CD®

Banish horrible headaches as soon as they begin through listening to the positive affirmations contained on this CD. Feel the power of healing warmth and love run through your whole body as it soothes your being and eases the painful throbbing in your head. You’ll learn how to become more comfortable and at ease in your physical body while letting the healing process of love and spirituality remove some of the emotional dysfunctions you have been carrying within yourself for years.


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