Attention Women (And Smart Men) Stuck In The Vicious Weight-Loss Cycle:

Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted Without Counting Calories By Harnessing

The Most Effective Treatment The Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Dear Friend,

Do you wake upevery morning looking in the mirror and fantasize aboutfitting into clothes that are 2, 3, 4 or more sizes smaller?

Have you tried every diet, meal plan and exercise routine there is only to stay the same or even gain more weight? Is food fueling your unhappiness instead of your life?

Then this letter is for you.

Hi, my name is Linda

Allred, and I’m so glad that this letter has found its way into your hands, because you are about to discover the secret the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know. You have the power to get the body of

your dreams within you right now, and you can harness it with the help of self-hypnosis…

If you give me just 5 minutes, I will show you how you can lose weight, get more energy, look better, feel better and live a happier life by harnessing the amazing power of your own subconscious. What you’re about to learn will absolutely change your life. I guarantee it.

The first thing I want you to know is…

This Is Not Your Fault

The most common thing I hear when I first begin working with clients is that they think this is their fault. They want to lose weight, they really do, but they just can’t. They can’t keep up with the exercise. They can’t control their cravings for junk food. And no matter what they do, they can’t lose weight.

I want to say this again, for you: it’s not your fault.

Here in America, food is no longer a scarce resource. Just over a century ago, in the early 1900s, farms were still family owned and people bought their meat from the butcher. Although iceboxes had been invented, refrigerators had not yet come into common use. So families only bought the food they could eat before it went bad.

Fast-forward 100 years and now we have giant warehouses full of canned goods and frozen dinners being mass manufactured. This allows anyone and everyoneto eat when it’s convenient.

People today have refrigerators and pantries full of food available at all times.

Plus, on top of that, marketing and advertising is programming people to crave fried foods, sodas, pizza and other unhealthy foods. Food isn’t just nutrition. For many, food is a form of fun.Our culture is obsessed with having and eating food, and, to be honest, it makes me pretty darn angry!

It’s nearly impossible to defend your mind from the constant assault of food advertisements.

I had a client recently that described her lifestyle dating all the way back to childhood. She came from a big family, and they all ate big. She said they talked about food, thought about food, and when

they were done with a meal they talked about what they were going to eat for the next meal.

In high school, she was already overweight andembarrassed about it. She didn’t like her looks and felt guilty about it all the time. Instead of trying to change it she would use food for comfort, which only fed the fire.

In college, she would go to the cafeteria on her meal plan and eat as much as she could. She didn’t see anyone else eating as much as she could,so she was again embarrassed, anxious and disappointed in herself.

She said thateating junk food became an addiction that she just couldn’t stop.

These eating habits and routines get so tied up with your emotions they become nearly impossible to break.

In fact, that’s the strongest combination to establish any habit: emotion and routine.

Doing the same thing over and over while combining it with a powerful positive or negative emotion eventually engrains it in your subconscious,becoming second nature.

That is the power of your mind. It’s the same power that you can use to stop this destructive trend today!

By now, you might be thinking, “Sure the mind is powerful, and people have done incredible things with their willpower, but I’ve tried everything and


nothing seems to be working. What makes this any different?”

Those are valid questions, and you’re right not to believe everything you read right off the bat

“I’ve Lost 142 Pounds!

Almost An Entire Other Person!”

“My entire life has been one continuous diet after another.

Take weight off – put more back on. Pain, misery, and suffering. An endless cycle. I tried it all. I failed. Losing weight had always been hard for me and I really struggled to lose a mere 35 pounds. I was at my heaviest weight of 425 pounds when my marriage of 23 years fell apart. I was hopeless, embarrassed, depressed, and out of control. I started a “Project Me,” to get healthy, and take that ugly weight off and find happiness. My goal was to lose 200 pounds. I met Linda Allred in August of 2009. After my first hypnosis session I noticed immediate changes, and I easily and effortlessly lost an additional 107 pounds, and I did not feel deprived.

Imagine, a total of 142 pounds! That‟s almost another whole person! With Linda‟s help, I am confident the next 100 pounds will be fast and easy too.”

~ Claudia Lane, Baton Rouge, LA

without any evidence. Luckily,I have evidence.

I have been a certified hypnotist for more than 20 years, and in that timeI have helped thousands of people lose weight, reduce stress, quit smoking and eat healthier. I have

also been a guest speaker and workshop facilitator for healthcare facilities, Fortune 500 companies and women’s organizations dedicated to the power of women.

However, my greatest passion is helping women (and men) lose the extra pounds that they’ve held on to for years.

There’s a reason why helping you means so much to me. I personally understand the physical and emotional toll women like you are going through.

Like so many women, I put on a bit of extra weight when I was pregnant with my first child. Then, when I had my second child, I put on even more. In what should have been the most joyful time of my life, I was ashamed that I could no longer fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and that my lack of energy was keeping me from giving my children the me that they deserved.

I had put on over 40 pounds and gone up4sizes. I felt enormous and embarrassed.

I was actually clinically obese. I started exercising a few times a week, but that only made me hungrier, which only made me eat more. I couldn’t figure out how to break the cycle.

That’s when I began researching whole food nutrition and Self-Hypnosis.


I wasn’t fully sold right away, just as you might not be right now. But as I learned more about self-hypnosis, I learned it wasn’t just some

“mind” trick with a swinging watch and someone counting back from 10 in a smooth, calming voice.

Hypnotism is about relaxing the mind and removing our own psychological barriers so that we can get to our deep-down habits and change our mindset.

Over time, I lost those 40 pounds and kept it off! Now, I’m helping other women get the same results I did through the power of self-hypnosis.

So how come you’ve never heard of weight loss through self-hypnosis before?

That’s a great question.

The weight loss industry in America is a $61 Billion dollar industry. That’s right, Billion, with a “B.”

To put that in perspective, it is more profitable than a food company that’s helping to lead the health issues across the world – McDonalds, which is currently valued at $42 Billion. This makes McDonald’s the 7th most profitable brand in the world, and yet the weight loss industry tops it by $19 Billion.

Now, this is an industry built on diet pills, supplements, exercise equipment, gym memberships, meal replacements and diet books. You can barely look around without seeing at least one of these things on your way to work each day. They take up anywhere from a single shelf at a gas station, to entire warehouse- sized health centers.

And they are the reason you’ve never heard of weight loss through self-hypnosis.

You see, these companies like the fact that weight gain is the new normal in America. They get excited to see the averagewoman’s size grow each year and celebrate every new flavor of snack chip and soft drink. Because when that happens, they can introduce the revolutionary “7 New Fat-Busting, Calorie Kicking, Extreme

Fitness Tips That Will Get You Slim This Season.”

Don’t let the media force you to believe weight loss is simply counting calories and hours of cardio.

Did you know that 95% of people who DO lose weight gain it back once they stop “dieting?”

Plus, most of the people who actually shed a few pounds unfortunately turn around and gain even MORE back over time.It’s a vicious circle! That’s why there is always a new list of quick tips and dieting secrets every season of every year.

But here is the truth. Psychological studies have shown the people who lose weight and keep it off have one skill other people lack: determination.

They have an absolute, unbreakable desire to stick with their healthy lifestyle. Their mind has been programmed for success.

How can you harness the power of the mind to lose weight?

Have you ever met someone who said, “I don’t really crave sweets.”

Maybe at the time you wanted to tell them to hush, but there’s something of note here. For


that person, there is no emotional or psychological connection to sweets.

This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the occasional cookie or piece of cake. It just means they don’t daydream about brownies with cream filling.

Now, you and this person both “know” that eating too much junk food is unhealthy and leads to weight gain. The difference is your brain is working against you by creating a desire for these foods that is too powerful to ignore. It’s like an itch that you try and try and try not to scratch…eventually, you’re going to scratch it.

But what if you could train your mind so you don’t even notice the itch, and then, over time, the itch is completely gone? That is the power of your subconscious.

Studies have shown that your subconscious mind makes over 95% of your decisions.

Everything you’ve ever read, seen, heard and thought is stored in your subconscious mind. This is where all your good and bad habits are stored. So, in order to change your habits you must access your subconscious mind and “reprogram” yourself with better habits. The good news is that this can be accomplished byself-hypnosis. That’s how you can get the body you want and keep it for the rest of your life!

With self-hypnosis, weight loss is not a constant struggle. It simply becomes second nature. You lose your desire for junk food and instead crave healthy, natural whole foods that give you energy, keep you healthy and detox your body.

Imagine going on vacation and looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Imagine going to meet friends that haven’t seen you in years and seeing their reaction when you walk into the room.

Imagine the energy you will have when spending time with your family, your children and your grandchildren.

Envision yourself “without” the extra 20-30-50- 100+ pounds that are slowing you down, affecting your long-termand stopping you from being happy and healthy.

Before I Go Any Further, I Want To Tell

You What This Is Not!

This is not witchcraft. Hypnotism is not a magic trick. It’s not a spell or a charm or an incantation.

Hypnotized people do not blindly obey the commands of the hypnotist (despite what you may have seen on stage or on a TV talk show), and they do not believe anything you tell them. People cannot be hypnotized against their will.

This is not a fitness program. Magazinesand blogseverywhere are filled withthe“5exercisesyou cando at your desk” and“The #1secret workout thatburnsmore fatinless time.” Ifthat’s what you arelooking for, you onlyneed to search the Internet for the latest gimmickor“5-minutesolution.”

This is not a meal plan. I am not a chef, farmer or medical doctor. I do not promote any particular food groups, nor do I banish them. I might make suggestions from my own diet, or share with you a great recipe, but this is not meant to help you become a better chef.

This is not an instant solution. Weight loss is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Great, Now That We Have That Out Of

The Way, Let’s Talk About What This Is!


This is science. In thisday andageyou’veprobably heardof self-hypnosis, psychologyandthe subconscious. They havebeenmentionedinthe media for yearsifnotdecades. In fact, these terms areso common youhaveprobably heardthem on

reality TV,

“WOO HOO! I Went Down

3 Dress Sizes in 2008

And Am Still The Same Size Today!”

Linda Allred‟s Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy — Get

Happy Package™ delivers on its promise…”I lost 3 dress sizes in 2008 and have kept it off!

My goal was to lose weight and be physically fit because my dream was to become a Personal Trainer. Finally, I was in control instead of food controlling me.

Today I feel wonderful because I am a happy, healthy, slim and trim physically fit lady, who has achieve my weight loss goal and dream of being a Personal Trainer.

Linda, thank you so much for believing in me!”

~ Mary Costello, Personal Trainer, Fitness Matters

New Roads, LA


Down 3 Dress Sizes, 2 Pant Sizes

AND 21 Inches

Since January 2010!”

“I was born fat!

Even though I‟m a successful business owner, I was always a failure at controlling my weight. I‟ve tried every fad diet and product on the market but nothing worked until I entered the

Louisiana Weight Off NOW Challenge and started Linda Allred‟s Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy – Get Happy Self-

Hypnosis Package™.

A short 6 months later I not only won the Challenge, I‟d lost

28 pounds, 3 dress sizes, 2 pants sizes, along with 21 inches total. I‟ve adopted a whole new perspective on food and have trained my „Inner Critic‟ to be a positive influence in my life.

Thanks you Linda, for giving me a whole new outlook on life and my weight!”

– Meredith Eicher,

Winner of the first Louisiana Weight Off NOW Challenge, Co-Owner and Partner of the Phoenix Consulting Group, LLC, Baton Rouge, LA


even iftheyaren’tbeing used correctly. The fact of the matter is self-hypnosis is a

relaxed state of mind with heightened focus and increased response to suggestion. It has roots going back hundreds of years, and has a basis in psychoanalysis, cognitive science and behavioral psychology.

These days this methodology is mainly used to help people lose weight, deal with pain, increase confidence and quit smoking.

This is a support system. I have helped thousands of people lose weight, reduce stress, quit smoking and eat healthier through the power of self-hypnosis during the last 20 years. But I could not have helped a single one of them who was not motivated to change their habits and determined not to quit. You must first make the decision to change. Then and only then, hypnotism can help you get there.

This is access to your mind. You are only ever aware of your conscious mind, but through the power of self-hypnosis you have the ability to access your subconscious mind. There, you can reprogram your bad habits and replace them with good habits that become your natural state. In this way, weight loss becomes less of a task and more of a lifestyle.

This is a solution. Yes, weight loss is a process and it will take longer than a day to get the results you want. But with a motivated and determined mindset to change, and with self- hypnosis powering your mind, you will lose those extra pounds and keep them off for good.


Ok, Linda. I’m Intrigued. How Can You Help Me To Re-Program My Mind?

It’s simple, I want to invite you to join my exclusivePlatinumLiving Well With Linda VIP Group

Now that you know how self-hypnosis can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted, gain more confidence in front of friends and family and feel better and more energized than you have in years, let me tell you more about how I‘m going to help get you there.

When I first got started with self-hypnosis, I had a physical office where people made appointments to come and meet with me to hypnotize them and help them to find their subconscious in order to re-program their mind. It was from these sessions that I realized that I could help people much better when I get to interact with them and make a connection with them. Self-hypnosis and the systems that I have created and perfected over the years cannot be wasted or left up to chance.

For that reason,I designedthePlatinum Living Well With Linda VIP Groupjust for you. Just for someone who has chosen to lose weight and keep it off and is dedicated to making that goal their reality. And I know that person is you.

Because of the amount of personal time I will be spending with you and the other members of the Platinum Living Well With Linda VIP Group, this group has to be exclusive.

As I mentioned above, self-hypnosis is best practiced in person. As a VIP I will start off this program by personally inviting you for two in- person coaching &self-hypnosis sessions.

If you live outside the U.S., don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. For those of you who can’t meet in person, I would be happy to conduct our sessions over the phone or via Skype.

Each of these sessions is a real-world value of $500, and you get 2 sessions when you join my VIP Program. That’s a $1,000 value just for signing up…

No one else in the market is offering this, but I don’t care what everyone else is doing. To me, this is the best way to make a difference in your life, and I am committed to getting you results, helping you lose weight and ensuring that you live your life to the fullest without being fearful of how you look and how you feel.

In addition to the in-person coaching sessions, I will also conduct monthly group-coaching calls for the exclusive members of the Platinum Living Well With Linda VIP Group. You and a group of your peers, all going through the personal self-hypnosis program will join me on the phone to discuss your progress and help each other stay positive and motivated on your path to success. Having a support group to keep you focused can help double your chances of success in this program.

You know in your mind how you want to look and feel. Self-hypnosis can help make that your reality.

I have been developing this program for the last 10 years. During that time, I have found what works best for you, and weeded out what doesn’t

work and will waste your time. The result is a fully developed wellness program.Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy-Get Happyhelps you train

your subconscious from multiple angles, reach your goals and develop stronger positive habits.

Along with the personal visits, phone visits and group coaching calls, your Platinum Living Well With Linda VIP Group Membership includes:

A 60-minute one-on-one Living Well Jump Start call between me and you so that you will have a complete blueprint and game plan to lose the weight you desire and get the personalized attention you need to get a jump start on your weight loss ($497 value)

6 one-on-one habit and belief changing self-hypnosis sessions performed in person or over the phone. These are the life-changing sessions that will forever break you free from making the wrong decisions in your diet, whether shopping at the grocery store, eating out of just thinking about what to eat. Your entire membership will pay for itself over the course of your life when you never have to think about making a bad food choice or decision again. This will unlock the power of your subconscious and I am committed to holding 6 sessions, valued at $500 each just to make sure you are ready to face the real world as a bold, new, healthy living success.


6 Private Accelerated Change Template (ACT™) kinesiology (you may know it as muscle testing)sessions designed to help you squash your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in as little as 2-5 minutes. This is the backbone of this VIP Program. When you combine the power of self-hypnosis with the Accelerated Change program you will condition your brain to be an unstoppable force for good in your life. Never again will you question your decision making. These 6 sessions are valued at $500 each and will become the hallmark of your development, your weight loss and your total life transformation.

A monthly physical newsletter mailed directly to your home. Each month I will send you news, tips on succeeding and positive motivation to help you stay focused and keep moving toward your goal. ($97 value)

Online access to my VIP Platinum Products Suite – here I’ve chosen a few products that will help you train your mind and block out bad influences so that you can see how to apply my systems and actions and go through the materials at your own pace. Any time you feel like you’re losing focus, or just feeling a little overwhelmed, log in and recharge your mind with the VIP Platinum Product Suite.

Plus, When You Apply To The Platinum Living Well With Linda VIP Group Today, I Will Send You The Following Bonus Programs For Free!

The Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy-Get Happy Self-Hypnosis Home Study System – which includes my special 9 Healthy Life-


Building Stepping Stones®.This is my complete, flagship training program that will walk you through everything you need to know about self-hypnosis and will be by your side every step of the way whenever you have a question, feel stuck or simply cannot wait for the next coaching call! This is the same training that I have used to help thousands of people just like you to lose weight and re-program their minds to get healthy fast and stay healthy for the rest of your life. ($597 value).

One-year membership in my bi-monthly

Break Your Bad Habits Inner Circle (BBHIC) Group mentoring Program for the life of the program. Plus recording of all the calls, which will be made available for

download at any time from the website.($1197 value/yr)


Bundle of 8 Best-Selling Positive Affirmations CDs/mp3s. Most of us know that harnessing the power of using Positive Affirmations plays a huge part in succeeding at whatever goals youset in life. Whether it is learning to eat healthier, reduce chronic pain, or improve our levels of self-confidence, when you constantly reaffirm positive behavior changes in your subconscious mind through using Positive Affirmations, you’re setting in motion a powerful force – your own subconscious mind. Research has proven that just listening to a Positive Affirmations CD (that you can play in your car or record on your MP3 player) repeatedly for 10 minutes a day can change negative programming that you have had for years. How easy is that?($197 value)

Stress Free NOW! CDs Combo Pack that will show you how to be stress free in no time for a happier, more rewarding, and fulfilling life! Stress Free NOW Self-

Hypnosis Combo Pack™! is an upbeat Self- Hypnosis program that helps you understand the cause of stress – and then gives you every weapon you need to dissolve it. You will learn how to handle pressure, deal with conflict, and eliminate the hopeless feeling of being overwhelmed. ($197 value)

A complimentary pass to all of my events (both live and virtual) while enrolled in the Platinum Living Well With Linda VIP Group. My events range from $97–$1,497 and you will now have complimentary guest access to all of them, plus any recordings should you not be able to attend and hear or watch it live.

I’m including all these products and special offers for one simple reason: I truly want you to succeed. I want you to look in the mirror and see the slim, sexy, confident person you are inside. I want you to stop feeling embarrassed and ashamed and start feeling happy and loving life – and I want to make it as easy as possible.

If you add everything up that I’m offering here, you would have to make an investment of more than $10,300, and that doesn’t even include the live events that you will have access to! But that’s not why I’m writing to you today. I didn’t send you this letter to ask for money. I wrote this letter to you because I have spent my life helping others gain control of their lives, and now I want to help you. I want to help you look the way you want to look. I want to help you feel better than you’ve felt in years And I want to start with nothing more than a single free phone call.

That’s right, all I want to do is talk to you on the phone, listen to your personal situation and help guide you in the right direction. And because I know how valuable this program truly is is to you, I have done everything in my power to make this program as affordable as possible.



I’m STILL 40 Pounds Lighter And It’s Been 3 Years!”

“I was a hopeless, out-of-control “Sugarholic.”

Every day I would bake cakes, pies, cookies or brownies and see how fast I could eat them.

Then Betty Locke, a client, recommended that I see her hypnotist, Linda Allred, who helped her stop smoking in one session. I lost 40 pounds.

It was fast, easy and effortless. Hypnosis ended my obsession with sweets instantly! Now I am in control. You just need to take one look at my picture and you‟ll see for yourself how well Linda‟s program has worked for me!”

~ Jan Hawkins, Hairstylist, Pride, LA

This is your chance to finally, FINALLY, lose that weight and keep it off for good. And I don’t want to tarnish that by asking for money before we even get to know each other. All I’m asking for is one free phone call for your Strategy Session.

And if you didn’t think the above package was a good enough reason to get started, I want to prove to you just how committed I am to seeing you succeed. And to do that I am going to put up my own money to make sure you are successful.

So here is my 100%, you’re-gonna- lose-weight-or-else guarantee. If after

your first in person session with me, and after the first on the phone self-hypnosis session, you feel that self-hypnosis is not going to work for you, I will refund you 100% of your investment into this program and you keep all of the bonuses. Yes, every bonus is yours to keep even if you decide not to move on with your self- hypnosis sessions.

Now are you starting to see how serious I am about your success?

I want you to invest in yourself today. In your confidence. In the future version of yourself. All I’m asking you to commit to is a free Strategy Session with me to see if self-hypnosis is right for you.

That’s right, I am going to get on the phone with you personally, talk to you about your goals and your personal situation.You have absolutely nothing to lose here and everything to gain.

To claim your session and get started on the path to the one weight loss strategy that is proven to get results based on science and the experience of the

thousands of people that I have personally helped, just call 225-275-2451 today or visit me online at to complete a brief assessment and schedule your 1-on-1 session with me.


The only question now is: Are you ready to finally start Living Well, feeling great and looking incredible?

When you’re ready, I want you to call 225-275-2451to schedule your Complimentary Strategy Session call or visit can discuss by phone where you are, what your goals are and what we can do today to accomplish them.

Stop wasting your time with fitness routines and yo-yo diets that have proven not to work for you. Start on the path to success by starting at the source of your habits: your own mind. We can do it together.

I look forward to connecting with you in this life-changing program

Linda Allred

P.S.Anyone can lose weight! Think about it: All you have to do is zip your mouth and starve yourself for a

while, and yes, you will lose weight. But what happens when you unzip yourmouth and you go right back to your old bad eating habits? You guessed it. You gain all of your weight back plus some.

So, doesn’t it make sense that if you want to be healthy and slim for the rest of your life, your best chance

for success is to learn how to break the bad habits that are stored in your subconscious mind by learning to practice Self-Hypnosis?

Read my lips! Any diet plan will work WHEN you commit yourself to it 100%! However, most people lose their motivation, get lazy, complacent and give up. This is called Commitment Breakdown. Research

states that 95% of people who lose weight gain it back.

Don’t fall victim to what the media tells you. Those fad diets and fitness tips are just recycled fluff to keep you buying magazines subscriptions and watching the news. You have the real power inside of you, and self-hypnosis can help you harness that power.

When you’re ready to stop wasting your time and change your life for good, I want you to call me directly at 225-275-2451 or visit to schedule your Complimentary Strategy Session with me today.

You have the power to take the first step toward a better future. Let me help you get there.


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