Self-hypnosis Relaxation Technique for Daily Stress Relief

Self-hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful method that can be used for a variety of healing purposes. From relieving stress in your daily life to changing subconsciously held beliefs, self-hypnosis techniques can be learned by taking classes or scheduling sessions with a trained hypnotherapist. Practicing the technique below frequently enough will make it a habit that eventually you’ll be able to practice wherever you are whenever you feel stress creeping into your day.

The following is an effective self-hypnotic relaxation technique that is often the final pose of yoga practice. Called Shavasana, Corpse Pose or Dead Man’s Pose, you can practice this technique yourself at the beginning or end of your day. Or, if you are having a particularly stressful day at work or school and you can find a quiet place where you can sit alone, you can spend a few moments taking yourself through this self-hypnosis technique to find peace and eliminate stress.

Step 1– Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet, calm place.

Step 2– Close your eyes and take a deep, full breath through the nostrils filling the lungs from the bottom all the way up to the collarbones. Then exhale slowly and completely through the nostrils eliminating the breath from the top of the lungs all the way down to the bottom of the lungs. Do this 3 times and hold the breath in at the top of the inhalation for just a couple of beats before exhaling.

Step 3– Focus your attention on your toes and with your thought, tell yourself to relax your toes.

Step 4 – Continuing to breathe slowly between each part of the body, move up the body slowly, tell yourself to relax the calf muscles, the thighs, abdomen, chest, fingers and forearms, biceps, shoulders, shoulder blades, neck, forehead, eyes, eyelids, relax the face and the jaw, feeling the jaw go slack.

Step 5 – Sense all fears, worries and tensions releasing as your body becomes very soft, peaceful and relaxed.

Step 6 – When the body is fully relaxed make an affirmative statement such as “I am peaceful, poised and completely relaxed.” If you have an affirmation that you enjoy working with, repeat it a few times.

Step 7– Open your eyes, smile and be aware of the relaxed feeling. Carry this feeling with you throughout the day and remember to take slow, conscious breaths to keep this feeling of calmness.

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