There is a formula to being and feeling like the Hottest Ticket In Town. But in order to put that formula into play, you have to put in the work.

You cannot allow your past or present situation to dictate your future and keep you from realizing your full potential. Instead, you have to change your beliefs and habits to that of a high-performer. You have to make the connections that will skyrocket both your business and your life.

Every individual who lives their life as the Hottest Ticket In Town also has 2 very important things in common.

They all have mentors and they all have coaches.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to grow to 6-figures and beyond in your business or if you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, the right coach and mentor will give you the tools and resources to ensure you get there. They will be there for you, every step of the way, keeping you accountable for your success.

They will also be there at the Finish Line when you can truly say to yourself that you are the Hottest Ticket In Town in your career and in your life.

But when it comes to achieving your Life Purpose and setting yourself on the right path for success, everyone needs different things.

fishSome individuals can succeed in achieving their goals by purchasing my products and doing the work on their own. Others prefer working with me in a more intimate environment, which is why I created this Services page.

Whether you are looking to receive one-on-one private coaching with me or want to join a like-minded virtual group (By Phone) to achieve positive results in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

Below you will see the many services that I offer to my valued clients. If you are looking for a specific topic and do not see it on this page, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Here’s to creating a happy, healthy, vibrant new you!

So where do you start? Here.

Your first step is to take our complimentary Living Well Assessment that will help us determine your specific needs and goals.

Click here to take the Living Well Assessment now.

After you take this assessment, you will receive a personalized score that identifies EXACTLY what next step YOU can focus on to reach ultimate success and growth in all areas of your life so you can start achieving your personal and professional goals today and be able to say with confidence, “I Am the Hottest Ticket in Town.”

Once you have your results, you will be able to schedule a no-obligation 60-minute Belief Breaker Strategy Session (in person or by phone) with Best-Selling Author Linda Allred, who is an expert in two of the most powerful belief change modalities in the world, hypnosis and the energy work of kinesiology who brings to the table 20+ years of experience.

During your 60-minute private session, you and Linda will identify exactly which Life Categories you can focus on to help you get ‘unstuck’ and start living your fullest, happiest and most successful life now!

These 12 Belief Change Life Categories below are based on the Accelerated Change Template (ACT™) Belief Change System. Together we will discover what your ‘Kingpin’ or Highest Priority Belief (HPB) is in each life category and help you break up your ‘mental log jam’ and get rid of those negative beliefs to replace them with healthy affirmative ones so you can become the Hottest Ticket in Town!

  1. Entrepreneur: Develop the right entrepreneurial mindset to succeed.
  2. Life Purpose: Gain clarity about what you were meant to do with your life.
  3. Manifestation: Become an unstoppable manifesting machine.
  4. Wealth: Examine your feelings (negative and positive) about money.
  5. Personal Power & Peak Performance: Have the confidence in yourself to do your best and be your best.
  6. Focus, Clarity, and Organization: Stop procrastination in its tracks.
  7. Worthiness and Self-Acceptance: Love and believe in yourself no matter what happens.
  8. Energy, Creativity & Balanced Lifestyle: Have the energy and inspiration to live the life you love.
  9. Positive Body Image & Ideal Weight: Learn self-care, and to love, like, and respect yourself.
  10. Relationships: Create healthy, positive dynamics and strong boundaries around all your relationships.
  11. Money & Pricing for Programs/Services: Step into your power and charge what you are truly worth.
  12. Speaking Getting Known & Expert Status: Feel your positive energy when your ideal clients and target audience know you are the Hottest Ticket In Town and are eager to pay you for your services.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to improve in each of these Belief Change Life Categories in order to benefit. However, in my experience, focusing on all of them to some extent gives you a better sense of well-being and helps you create amazing happiness, love, health, and prosperity…Change Your Mindset – Change Your Life!

So, are you ready to play a bigger game and get unstuck? If you are, I encourage you to find the service that works for you!

Below you will see a selection of my coaching and mentoring programs that have been attended by thousands of clients all over the world, who can now claim to be the Hottest Ticket In Town, in their life and in their business.

I encourage you to find a program that speaks to you. A program that takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in the Fast Lane towards living your best life.

A life where you are wealthy AND healthy.

A life where you are proud of what you do, who you help and how you feel while doing it.

Online Group Programs

(By Smart Phone/Computer/Zoom – no travel involved)

Slim. Prosperous. Perfect.
A 4-Call Online Program

Your 1st step to reaching your goal that has seemed so out of reach!

So many women (and smart men) feel saddled and stuck because they’re carrying around too much weight, experiencing a high level of stress, smoking, in a bad relationship or not earning enough money.

You too, perhaps?

Yet, I bet you’ve tried your fair share of “fixes” to change this situation.


Can I invite you to just get “a little taste” of how you really can solve your problems by engaging your brain fully in your transformation?

You see, we create your transformation using the one ingredient “missing” from everything you’ve done in the past that hasn’t delivered the results you seek…Your Brain! Your subconscious specifically.

Register and learn more about this life-changing program.

Cracking the Weight Loss Code 6-Week Online Program (by computer/Zoom)

Finally, a weight loss group training program available using the powerful belief-change science, Accelerated Change Template (ACT™) Formula which adds the energy work of Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), and/or Self-Hypnosis to the equation and STOPS the ‘yo yo’ syndrome of losing those unwanted pounds only to gain them back again so you can achieve the following Overall Goal:

It is now easy for me to maintain my ideal weight while living a healthy, vibrant lifestyle I love, with people I love, while taking impeccable care of myself. I now create healthy, positive dynamics and strong boundaries around all my relationship. I achieve what I desire. It’s easy for me to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. I now have time in my schedule to exercise 3+ times a week along with eating natural, healthy foods to support and maintain my healthy ideal weight. It is NOW easy for me to love and like my body. I am good enough. I am at peace with my body. I now enjoy eating and cooking a variety of healthy nutritious foods for myself and my family. I now make healthy choices when dining out. Everything I eat turns to health and beauty in my body. I am grateful for each second of life I have and I make a difference.

Imagine! In Just a Short Time, You’ll Be Ready to Step Out Into the World Showing Off Your Happy, Sexy, New Slim and Healthy Body!

STOP Struggling and Use My Own PROVEN WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM for the priceless peace of mind of being the exact weight, shape, and size of your dreams.

If you are truly serious about losing weight AND keeping it off forever, then you definitely should check out my Cracking the Weight Loss Code 6-Week Virtual Program.

Before signing up for this life changing program, you’ll need to have the foundational skills that I teach in my 4-week program Slim. Prosperous. Perfect.
Learn more about Cracking the Weight Loss Code.

Cracking The Money Code – 6-Week Online Program

Are you ready to STOP being the best kept secret in your field – Crack the Money Code – and become the “Hottest Ticket in YOUR Town?”

FINALLY there’s a group program (by computer/Zoom – no travel involved!) available using the powerful belief-change science, Accelerated Change Template (ACT™) so you can achieve the following Overall Goal:

I am Successful. I am good enough. I am happy, healthy, and wealthy. I now create healthy, positive dynamics and strong boundaries around all my relationships I now have all the knowledge, love, and support I need to make a 6-figure income of $100,000+ per year charging what I’m worth in my business while making a positive global impact doing what I love that’s a full, authentic expression of my Divine Purpose, serving ideal clients I love with the people I love.

I am masterful and artful at marketing my business ideas. I stay motivated and focused in spite of obstacles and negativity. I always meet the right people at the right time for the right project. I am The Hottest Ticket in Town in both my personal and business lives, and my ideal clients know it and are eager to pay me for my services. I make all the money I choose, whenever I choose, doing what I love to do. I am a millionaire.”

Sometimes you don’t even have to change or add anything to what you’re doing in your business to see more money and clients coming in. Sometimes it’s just shifting who you’re being and how you’re showing up in order for more clients to be attracted to what you have to offer them.

The process I use in my “Cracking the Money Code” 6-Week Program is called ACT™ (A-C-T), which stands for Accelerated Change Template. I am a Certified Hypnotist/ACT™ Expert and one of only a few people in the USA that is trained in (ACT™) – a powerful belief-change science using the energy work of kinesiology (which you may know as muscle testing) that will forever uproot the single biggest fear or doubt you have about achieving your goals… and replace it with positive beliefs statements that free you to move forward. And you don’t even have to “try hard” to do it!

Before signing up for this life changing program, you’ll need to have the foundational skills that I teach in my 4-week program Slim. Prosperous. Perfect.
Learn more about how you can Crack the Money Code and find out when the next class starts.

Accelerated Change Template (ACT™) Virtual Bootcamp 6-Week Program (by phone – no travel involved)

I am so excited to tell you that I have partnered with my ACT™ mentor, and friend, Nikkea Devida, and together we are offering you the opportunity to join us in the most powerful subconscious mind belief change virtual program in the world…Be The Hottest Ticket In Town ACT™ Virtual Bootcamp.

FINALLY – a proven, step-by-step system to identify and change your subconscious limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in MINUTES and finally free yourself to overcome your biggest challenges and achieve your biggest dreams!

Stop “trying harder” and achieve even your “toughest” goal without willpower, without a fight, thanks to incredible powers concealed inside your own mind. No more willpower, affirmations, and positive thinking. No more trying to silence or overcome your negative thoughts, feelings, and ‘head trash’. No more ‘trying harder’ and struggling to manifest your goals. No more wondering if and when you’re going to “make it” and get out of your own way and get out there with your gifts!

Hands down, changing your subconscious limiting beliefs is the BEST way to easily and effortlessly change how you think, feel, act, and attract. Bottom line, when you change your subconscious beliefs, you change your results.

With ACT™, you’ll have everything you need to tap into the most powerful part of your mind and change your subconscious limiting beliefs in minutes!

With ACT™, it’s as easy to change your limiting beliefs as it is to edit a word processing document. You edit. You save. And you’re done. Really!

To learn more about the Accelerated Change Template (ACT™) Virtual Bootcamp, and find out when the next 6-week class starts, click here now.

Slim. Prosperous. Perfect. Inner Circle – Bimonthly Online Coaching Calls 

What if we could double your income, drop you a dress size, improve your relationships, end your smoking habit, and remove stress from your life in a matter of hours?

Please Note: Before signing up for this life changing program, you’ll need to have the foundational skills that we teach in the 4-Call Slim. Prosperous. Perfect. Program.

Register and Learn more about this Life-Changing Program!


Private – 1 on 1 – With Linda (In Person or By Phone) Programs

Platinum Living Well With Linda VIP – Weight Off NOW!

Studies have shown that your subconscious mind makes over 95% of your decisions. Everything you’ve ever read, seen, heard and thought is stored in your subconscious mind.

Imagine being able to control your subconscious mind and gaining control of your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Imagine losing the desire to crave foods that not only cause you to gain unwanted weight, but also give you brain fog, cause stress and loss of confidence in yourself.

Then imagine going on vacations and looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Imagine going to meet friends that haven’t seen you in years and seeing their reaction to when you walk into the room.

Imagine the energy you will have when spending time with your family, your children or your grandchildren.

I want you to envision yourself “without” the extra 20-30-40-50+ pounds that are slowing you down, affecting your long-term health and stopping you from being happy and healthy.

That is what my VIP Group is all about.

It’s about science. It’s about a support system and accountability. It’s about accessing the power of your mind.

Most importantly it is a solution. A solution to the biggest problem that you have the ability to change and truly free yourself from.

In this VIP program you will have access to personal coaching calls and sessions with me, as well as group sessions with your peers who are all going through the same circumstances and challenges that you are.

Look, anyone can lose weight! Think about it: All you have to do is zip your mouth and starve yourself for a while, and yes, you will lose weight. But what happens when you unzip your mouth and you go right back to your old bad eating habits? You guessed it. You gain all of your weight back plus some.

So, doesn’t it make sense that if you want to be healthy and slim for the rest of your life, your best chance for success is to learn how to break the bad habits that are stored in your subconscious mind by learning to practice Self-Hypnosis?

If you are ready to let go of these beliefs holding you back, I encourage you to read this letter that I have prepared for you about my VIP Program.

Please click here to read this letter I have written for you now.

The truth is that we all thrive in certain life areas while inexplicably lagging behind in others. That’s why I offer customized Packages to fit everyone’s personality and individual needs.

When you take the LivingWellAssessment, you will discover exactly which areas of your life are holding you back from achieving your Life Purpose and living a healthy, dynamic and rewarding life.


Go to to get your personalized results today. Then we will have a conversation about your results and exactly which customized Package is right for you and what a next step would look like.
You can reach my office at 225-275-2451 CT or book an online appointment here

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About Linda Allred

Linda is known as the Hottest Ticket In Town. She is an expert in two of the most powerful belief-change modalities in the world, Self-Hypnosis and the energy work of Kinesiology. In addition, she is the co-author of the best-selling book, Answering The Call, published by Celebrity Press. The book became an instant #1 Best-Seller in two categories, “Marketing, and Marketing For Small Businesses” on Amazon the day it was released due to the message that so many people need in their lives. The book finally allows the reader to Answer Their Own Call in their journey through life, whether that is losing 10lbs, 100lbs, reducing stress, quitting smoking, charging what you are worth or making $100,000 or $1,000,000 in their business.
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