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Stop Smoking NOW – Self Hynosis Home Study System

Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack™
A simple Self-Hypnosis solution that can knock the socks off of hard-core tobacco addiction instantly, easily, and effortlessly!Smoking is dangerous, expensive, and often marks you as a social outcast. You can no longer smoke in restaurants, airplanes, or in the work place.Let’s face facts. It is now not just a matter of if you are going to stop smoking, butwhen and how!

Stopping smoking does not have to be a long tortuous process of pain, suffering, and withdrawal.

Thousands of Americans have stopped smoking with Self-Hypnosis. Many have ceased instantly, easily, and effortlessly, without pain, suffering, weight gain, or anxiety.

The Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack™ offers you a genuine opportunity to stop smoking NOW while feeling calm, relaxed, and in control at all times.

Self-Hypnosis Works!
Here’s how self-hypnosis can help you put a dead halt stop to your habit. It’s virtually impossible to crave a cigarette when you’re not thinking about smoking as thought always precedes action. Smokers automatically think, “Wouldn’t a cigarette be good right now?” Cravings are triggered by the thought and the smoker lights up.

In many cases Self-Hypnosis can disconnect and eliminate “thoughts” of smoking. Therefore, if you’re not thinking about smoking, you won’t want a cigarette.

You stop smoking. That simple – that easy.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using my Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack

  • You stop smoking instantly, easily, and effortlessly.
  • Stopping is as easy as taking a breath of fresh air.
  • As each and every minute passes, smoking becomes less wanted, less needed, and    less desirable.
  • Thoughts of smoking diminish in proportion to decreased smoking.
  • You are calm, relaxed, and in control at all times.
  • You always eat correctly and find your food intake doesn’t increase because you stopped smoking so easily.

Self-Hypnosis is also an effective deterrent to unwanted weight gain and backsliding often associated with quitting smoking.

In the Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack™ you’ll receive…

  1. Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Seminar DVD – videoed before a “Live Audience” – 1½ hours showing how Self-Hypnosis works. The last 35 minutes is a  wonderful, effective, relaxing Self-Hypnosis session called, “I Am Slim and Trim,” to enjoy in the privacy of your own home that guides you through the “7 Step Into Action” Weight Loss Secrets included in the educational materials.
  2. Stop Smoking NOW! CD – Self-Hypnosis (35 minutes)
  3. Stop Smoking CD – Positive Affirmations (30 minutes)
  4. Reduce Anxieties CD – Positive Affirmations (30 minutes)
  5. Educational materials to help you formulate a plan and stick to it!

It would be misleading of me to promise that everyone will experience 100% success, but I can promise that my Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack™ gives you a clear and distinct advantage over the pain, suffering, and misery of quitting “cold turkey.”

As an added bonus, each person who purchases my Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Packreceives a FREE complimentary Strategy Session with me to explore what your biggest challenge is with overcoming blocks, getting unstuck, and changing your bad habits/limiting beliefs so you can have a powerful breakthrough in your business and your life. (A $750.00 value!)

Ask yourself this question: How much do you truly value your health?

Stop smoking NOW, the easy way!


Pay just $97 and get instant access to all of the above audios and book.


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