Taking the Fear Out of Public Speaking

Just mentioning public speaking to some people can cause their palms to start sweating, heart to start pounding, and mind to start racing. Public speaking (sometimes known as “stage fright”)  can be a terrifying and debilitating process, but it does not need to be.

Overcoming your fear of public speaking is possible. It is first important to understand the core reason of why your legs turn to jelly at the mere thought of presenting to a room full of strangers. Most of the time the fear is due to:

  • Lack of confidence-this could be not knowing your subject matter or fear that someone else will perform better
  • Self-consciousness-this is the thinking that how you feel is how you appear to the audience
  • Unfamiliar situation-unless you make a living with public speaking the situation is typically rare when you have to do it which can be intimidating and unnerving

It is also important to know about some useful tips when it comes to public speaking. Scan the room and take inventory of who is there. Is it a room full of employees, supporting members of your business, or a room full of business leaders seeking your input? Taking inventory will build confidence and help you get your bearings.

The first thing to do when you start your presentation is to ask two engaging questions. This can be simple like “does everyone in this room want to make a difference?” or “raise your hand if you enjoy making people happy”. The next step is to introduce yourself and tell them the subject of your talk. This will be obvious to most of your audience, but it is nice to reinforce why you are there. You then want to thank the audience for being there and spending time with you. This will let the audience know that you understand that their time is valuable. Tell the audience what they will get from your presentation (no more than 3 points. Ever.). Set it up to give them what they will take away from the talk. Finally, you want to earn the right. Let them know what your street cred might be (what qualifies you). Share why your expertise on the topic has brought you on the stage. When giving a presentation it typically breaks down that what matters to the audience is 55% first impression, 38% how you say it, and 7% information given (data).

Hypnosis can also help with your public speaking phobia by using the power of your own subconscious mind. Using hypnosis can help you focus which will help you build your confidence, help with being secure with oneself, and keep you calm in unfamiliar situations. A hypnotist will work with you to use visualization techniques and pre-programing your mind to be successful. This process will give you the feeling of already delivering a great performance. Therefore, when you actually get up to give your speech or talk you will have a calm and relaxed presence about you to knock it out of the park.

Getting to the core of your fear with public speaking, understanding some tips and tricks for delivering a great presentation, and using hypnosis for setting you up for success will turn your fear of public speaking into confidence and maybe something you actually enjoy doing.

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