The Positive Power of Love

So many positive statements of love exist in lyrics and poems that many have made their way into the popular vernacular. For instance “Love is a many splendored thing!” Huey Lewis sang about how the power of love is “a curious thing. It makes one man weep and another man sing.” I could go on, but you get the gist. Love conquers all. The opposite of love is fear.

February, being the month of love, is a time to turn our thoughts to what love really is. True love is not about identifying a “special” person to whom we bestow all of our love and affection. True love is the love of life, the love for all life, all humanity, and all creatures great and small. You may have heard it said that before you can love others you must first love yourself.

Love comes from within each and every person. The heart is the symbol of love and the seat of love within the human body. Our hearts flutter when we fall in love. Our heart stops when we are filled with fear. So, deeply loving ourselves is a prerequisite to true everlasting love.

One way to achieve the love of self is through self-hypnosis techniques and the consistent use of positive affirmations. Words are commands given to the subconscious mind. If we use them without thinking they work just as well as they do when we use words consciously and deliberately. If you feel like love is missing from your life, it may be time to open your mind and your heart to self-hypnosis.


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