Stop Smoking NOW!

Overview of Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack (Digital/mp3’s):

Cost: $97.00

Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack is a comprehensive digital program designed to assist individuals in quitting smoking through the power of positive affirmation/self-hypnosis sessions and educational resources. Here’s what the combo pack includes:

  1. Educational Materials:
    • What Happens When You Quit: Informative materials detailing the benefits and changes that occur when one quits smoking.
    • Smoking – Cancer Society offers 20 Tips For Quitting: Valuable tips and advice from the Cancer Society to aid in the quitting process.
    • Smoking triggers: Information on common triggers that may prompt smoking behavior.
    • Stop Smoking Contract: A tool to help individuals commit to quitting smoking and track their progress.
    • Stop Smoking NOW Overview: Promotional material providing an overview of the Stop Smoking NOW program.
  2. 4-Part Video of the Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Seminar:
    • Access to a series of four informative and empowering video sessions from the Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Seminar, offering additional value beyond smoking cessation.
  3. Positive Affirmations/Self-Hypnosis Sessions:
    • Positive Affirmation mp3 – Reduce Anxieties: An affirming audio session aimed at reducing anxieties and promoting relaxation during the quitting process.
    • Positive Affirmation mp3 – Stop Smoking: An affirming audio session designed to reinforce the decision to quit smoking and support the quitting journey.
    • Self-Hypnosis – Stop Smoking NOW!: A self-hypnosis audio session focused on assisting individuals in quitting smoking and overcoming cravings.
    • Bonus – Self-Hypnosis – I Am Slim & Trim: A bonus self-hypnosis audio session aimed at promoting weight loss and positive body image to use after you have stopped smoking..

The Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack provides individuals with a comprehensive set of tools and resources to support them in quitting smoking and leading a healthier lifestyle. From educational materials to affirmations and self-hypnosis sessions, this program offers a holistic approach to smoking cessation and overall well-being.