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Below you will see the complete catalog of training programs offered by Linda Allred. From her Top Selling Weight Off Now Bootcamp to her Best-Selling book Answering The Call to Self-Confidence CD’s there is something for everyone looking to live their best life now and truly Be The Hottest Ticket In Town.

If you are looking for a more personalized approach, and a place to start down the path to becoming The Hottest Ticket In Town, and changing the way you look, feel perform and earn more money, start by taking Linda’s Living Well Assessment.

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Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy – Get Happy Self-Hypnosis Bootcamp

Weight Off NOWIf you are fed up with going around the roller coaster of diets and have tried and lost a few pounds only to put it back on, it’s not your fault. It’s actually your limiting beliefs and bad habits that keep coming into the picture no matter how good (or how bad) the diet truly is.

In this groundbreaking program, I will show you how in as little as 28 days you can finally lose that unwanted weight, but more importantly keep it off for the rest of your life.

To be happy again, to gain back your confidence, to be healthy, trim and slim, I urge you to click here and learn more about my Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy – Get-Happy Self-Hypnosis Bootcamp now.


Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Combo Pack

Have you heard of self-hypnosis? Have you thought about what the power of self-hypnosis will do for your life and losing the weight you have desired to lose? Over the past few decades I’ve helped thousands of people just like you lose anywhere from 10 pounds to over 100 pounds using self-hypnosis and I know it will work for you too. In this program, you will get a front row seat to the inner workings of self-hypnosis and be on your way to losing weight the quickest and easiest was possible.

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Positive Affirmations 8-Pack

Wheel of Life Disc BundleMost of us know that harnessing the power of using Positive Affirmations plays a huge part in succeeding at whatever goals we undertake in our life. Whether it is learning to eat healthier, reduce chronic pain, or improve our levels of self-confidence, when you constantly reaffirm positive behavior changes in your sub-conscious mind through using Positive Affirmations, you’re setting in motion a powerful force – your own sub-conscious mind. Research has proven that just listening to a Positive Affirmations CD (that you can play in your car or record on your MP3 player) repeatedly for 10 minutes a day, can change negative programming that you have had for years. How easy is that?

Get started using Positive Affirmations in your life by clicking here to learn more about this extensive 8-Pack of CD’s.

Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack

Are you struggling to stop smoking, even though you know exactly what it is doing to your overall health and lifestyle? Have you tried the patch, the gum and quitting cold turkey, only to go back to smoking regularly?

Are you sick and tired of the same ideas and advice that everyone keeps telling you about but have not worked for you and are never going to work for you?

If you are looking for a real solution to stop smoking, I want you to learn more and explore how just 1 self-hypnosis session can knock the socks off of hard-core tobacco addiction instantly, easily and effortlessly.

My Stop Smoking NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack(TM) offers you a genuine opportunity to stop smoking NOW while feeling calm, relaxed and in control at all times.

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Stress Free NOW! Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack

Stress Free Now Combo Are you stressed to the max? Not enough time? Your schedule in disarray? Too much worry, not enough fun?

Stress Free NOW Self-Hypnosis Combo Pack™! is an upbeat Self-Hypnosis program that helps you understand the cause of stress – and then gives you every weapon you need to dissolve it, finally and for good!

You will learn how to handle pressure, deal with conflict, and eliminate the hopeless feeling of being overwhelmed.

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The Galaxy Light and Sound Machine

Stress Free Now Combo The Galaxy Light and Sound Machine® assists you in staying in a perfect level of Self-Hypnosis. Ideally, when you are listening to a Self-Hypnosis or Positive Affirmations CD you want both your conscious and subconscious minds to hear the suggestions that you are being given. Research has shown that the conscious mind has a tendency to drift off and not pay attention to the suggestions it is being given. When using the Galaxy Light and Sound Machine®, every now and then, the pattern of light changes and your awareness is brought back to the positive suggestions you are being given on your Self-Hypnosis or Positive Affirmation CD’s. Even with your eyes closed, you can see the pattern of lights changing.

Please note, even if you fall asleep and hear nothing you are being told on your CD, you will still benefit because the subconscious mind hears everything even if you are asleep. However, you will benefit more if both your conscious and subconscious mind hear the suggestions that you are being given. This is why the Galaxy Light and Sound Machine® is so effective in keeping you in a perfect level of Self-Hypnosis.

This hand-held device comes with 30 pre-programmed sessions, adjustable light intensity, as well as start/stop, pause, and external audio inputs. Light and sound machines have shown to be excellent devices for presenting humans with concentrated bursts of experiences and stimulations of the type that cause the brain to release or step up production of the brain chemicals associated with pleasure, learning, memory, and creativity. This will allow you to receive enhanced benefits from my Self-Hypnosis and Positive Affirmations CD’s ensuring your success.

E-Book – How To Squash Your Limiting Beliefs (value $47) — ONLY $19.97!

Linda’s ebook, Get Unstuck and Squash Your Limiting Beliefs NOW! contains practical tools that will explains exactly what a Limiting Belief is and how to take steps to replace these negative thoughts with positive, more empowering ones. This ebook also contains a two-part system: “Are Your Limiting Beliefs Keeping You Stuck?” and “What the Heck is Belief Change and Energy Work?” – two powerful action-oriented steps to help you move forward to creating a more fulfilling business and life!

Free Report Based On Linda’s #1 Best-Selling Book Reveals How To Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life


About Linda Allred

Linda is known as the Hottest Ticket In Town. She is an expert in two of the most powerful belief-change modalities in the world, Self-Hypnosis and the energy work of Kinesiology. In addition, she is the co-author of the best-selling book, Answering The Call, published by Celebrity Press. The book became an instant #1 Best-Seller in two categories, “Marketing, and Marketing For Small Businesses” on Amazon the day it was released due to the message that so many people need in their lives. The book finally allows the reader to Answer Their Own Call in their journey through life, whether that is losing 10lbs, 100lbs, reducing stress, quitting smoking, charging what you are worth or making $100,000 or $1,000,000 in their business.
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