Weight Off Now

Overview of Weight Off NOW – Get Happy-Get Healthy – Self-Hypnosis (Digital/mp3’s):

Cost: $497.00

Weight Off NOW – Get Happy-Get Healthy – Self-Hypnosis Home Study System is a comprehensive digital program designed to facilitate weight loss, promote happiness, and enhance overall health through the power of positive affirmations and self-hypnosis. Here’s what the program includes:

4-Part Video of the Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Seminar:

  1. Auditorials (Audio Materials):
    • Chapter One: Introduction – Secrets of Naturally Slim and Trim Ladies
    • Chapter Two: The Power of Belief
    • Chapter Three: Your Road Map to Success
    • Chapter Four: Have a Love Affair with Your Food and Eat Less
    • Chapter Five: Train Your Inner Critic to Be Your Best Friend
    • Chapter Six: Visualize Your Success Plan
    • Chapter Seven: The Universal Laws of The Mind
    • Chapter Eight: Enrich Your Spirit
  2. WON Educational Materials (8 CHAPTERS):
    • Detailed educational materials covering various aspects of weight loss, happiness, and health enhancement.
  3. Positive Affirmation mp3s:
    • “A Slender Body”
    • “Enjoy Exercising”
  4. Self-Hypnosis mp3:
    • “I Am Slim & Trim”
  5. Self-Hypnosis Sessions mp3s:
    • PS1: Secrets of Naturally Slim Trim Ladies
    • PS2: The Power of Belief
    • PS3: Your Road Map To Success
    • PS5: Train Your Inner Critic To Be Your Best Friend
    • PS6: Visualize Your Success Plan
    • PS7: The Universal Laws of the Mind
    • PS8: Enrich Your Spirit

Weight Off NOW – Get Happy-Get Healthy – Self-Hypnosis provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources to empower individuals on their weight loss journey. From informative audio materials covering essential topics to empowering affirmations and self-hypnosis sessions, this program offers a holistic approach to achieving lasting weight loss, happiness, and overall well-being.