Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Combo Pack™

The DVD Combo Pack includes:

  • The DVD Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Seminar (1 1/2 hours)
  • I Am Slim and Trim – Self-Hypnosis CD (35 minutes)
  • A Slender Body – Positive Affirmation CD (30 minutes)
  • Enjoy Exercise – Positive Affirmation CD (30 minutes)
  • Seminar materials About the DVD

This is a live, 1 1/2-hour, up-close and personal seminar with me. Pretend for a moment that you could enter a “Magic Room” and when you left the ‘Magic Room,” you would be the exact weight, shape and size of your dreams. All you need to take with you from the “Magic Room” is the knowledge of how Self-Hypnosis and how  “The Laws of The Mind” (conscious/subconscious) can help you stay motivated toward achieving your weight loss goals. Now, in this powerful Combo Pack™, you can find your own “Magic Room” and make it work for you!

My Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Combo Pack™ will guide you safely into Self-Hypnosis through my self-motivating session entitled, “I Am Slim and Trim,” and also help you understand how to put “The Laws of The Mind” into action. I also share with you my seven “Step Into Action” secrets which will help transform your life so you can become the slim and trim lady of your dreams. You will also leave with a Tool Box full of solutions on how you can quiet the voice in your head that constantly urges you to pick and snack!

You can decrease your jean waist size by purchasing the Ultimate Combo Pack!One of the greatest benefits of this amazing DVD Combo Pack is the fact that you can immediately start practicing all of my powerful tips and tools from the privacy of your own home. Best of all, the Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Combo Pack™ eliminates costly memberships to fad diet companies (which usually only provide temporary weight loss, not permanent lifestyle changes); no memberships to pricey gyms or spas are required, and you can access the power of your own “Magic Room” any time you want.

The following CD’s that are included in this terrific Combo Pack™ will help reinforce your efforts to lose weight quickly and easily.

Here’s what each of these 3 powerful CD’s contain:


cd1This self-motivating session entitled, I Am Slim and Trim, will guide you safely into Self-Hypnosis. I will give you a powerful and effective “hypnosis signal” that you can begin using immediately and can continue using for the rest of your life, to help make the desire to eat in between meals go way. Also, the suggestions on this CD will help end your desire to eat sweets, starches, fattening foods, fried foods, and junk foods. And you find in its place you will start choosing healthy nutritious foods that will help you achieve your goals.


cd2In this special 30-minute CD you will learn how the power of suggestive words will help your mind believe that you CAN have that slender body you’ve always wanted. By hearing such phrases as, “I take good care of my body. I am very selective of the foods I eat. I am slim and trim. I am in control. I make wise choices,” your mind will automatically be reprogrammed to accept the fact that you are going to make complete lifestyle changes, because if you believe it, it will happen.


cd3This CD is for those of you who absolutely hate to exercise! Through the power of suggestion, you’ll learn to embrace the habit of getting regular exercise through hearing such phrases as, “I enjoy exercising at least every other day. I exercise to keep my body healthy. Exercising increases my energy. Exercising keeps me happy. Doing exercise keeps my body slim, trim and healthy.” The benefits of incorporating exercise into your daily routine will soon become a habit that you will enjoy, rather than one you detest.


cdI’ve compiled all of the content of my Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Combo Pack™ and transferred it into print in a 3-ring binder for ease in following along. It’s like you are sitting right in front of me, pencil in hand, writing down all of my great motivational ideas in your very own Tool Box of how to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes into your life. This is where you get to record all of the insights you’ll discover about your own behavior – those “WOW” moments as I like to call them – and keep them forever as a benchmark to watch your progress on your journey.

The main question you need to ask yourself is this: Isn’t achieving your healthy optimum weight and having an active, full life worth the low cost of this powerful Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Combo Pack™? For only $197.00 you can ensure your efforts at weight loss get started off on a positive, life-changing note. (Applicable shipping/handling charges will be calculated upon ordering.)

As an added bonus, each person who purchases my Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions Self-Hypnosis Combo Packreceives a FREE complimentary www.livingwellassessment.com Strategy Session with me to explore what your biggest challenge is with overcoming blocks, getting unstuck, and changing your bad habits/limiting beliefs so you can have a powerful breakthrough in your business and your life. (A $750.00 value!)

PRICE: $197.00

Pay just $97 and get instant access to all of the above audios and book.


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